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Hey there— My name is Matthew Larsen and I am the founder of Conversion Pages. As of writing this, we build about 80 landing pages per month for ecommerce brands of all sizes.
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We have built over 750 landing pages. Here is what you need to know.

When constructing a landing page, there are three main things that will yield about 80% of the results. You can think of these as the "80/20 Rule" applied to landing pages.

Above The Fold

The "Above The Fold" is the most important part of a landing page for two main reasons:

1. It acts as the "first impression" for your brand.
2. 60%+ of people never even scroll down at all, and as such, the above the fold is the only thing they will see.

Page Speed

Although it is often looked upon as an afterthought (if it is even thought about at all), site speed plays a huge impact on overall conversion rate.

Simply put, if your site loads faster, you will have a higher conversion rate, and if it takes longer to load, you will have a lower one.

Your Offer

You can tinker with your ads, emails and landing page all you want, but success in eCommerce comes down to your offer.

A good offer doesn't always mean high discounts either. There are several key components that you can use to make your offer truly irresistible.

How we help you make more money

When you work with us, you are getting more than "just" a landing page. You are getting everything you need to increase your conversion rate, average order value, and acquisition as a whole.

A high-converting landing page that is completely done-for-you (design, development, copy, etc.)

A full money-back guarantee if our landing page doesn't win by at least 10% based on an A/B test

Custom checkouts that will help you increase your average order value

A 52-week A/B testing plan and system for you to optimize your landing page over time

An exact formula for how you can improve your landing page offer to become truly irresistible

Types of landing pages

Whatever type of landing page you're after, we can provide. Sales pages, pre-sell pages, listicles, advertorials, bundles, custom checkouts, upsell pages and more.
Sales Page

A traditional sales page is what most people likely think of when they hear the term "landing page." It is popular and the most common for a reason; it works.

This type of page relies on good copywriting, formatting, images, videos and more.


A listicle is a combination of the words "list + article." Typically, it is a list of five to eight reasons why someone should try your product.

A listicle is usually referred to as a "pre-sell" as it is usually placed between the ad and the sales/product page.


An advertorial is a form of landing page that takes the appearance and style of an editorial or journalistic content.

The goal of an advertorial is to engage the reader and promote a positive image of the brand or product without the overt sales pitch that is common in traditional advertisements.

Delivered in 7 days or less

From start to finish, we will have your landing page ready in seven business days or less. From there, changes will be made, and we will get it just right. 95% of our clients have their page live within 14 days from phone call to publishing.


Schedule Call

The entire process starts with a call where we can get together to determine what you need. Once we agree and our invoice is paid, then we will begin.



Once the invoice is paid, we will invite you to a Slack Connect channel. There, we will send you the onboarding information


First Draft Complete

Within seven business days, we will have your first draft complete, guaranteed. Time is of the essence and you'll want your page done ASAP.



After the initial review, we will implement all of the agreed upon changes as soon as possible. We aim to have these done within two business days.


Final Review & Changes

After we implemented the changes, it will be time for a final review. Typical changes in this phase have to do with branding, minor copy and image changes, and the offer.


Go Live

After the final version is approved, we will host your page, add all your tracking tags, subdomain, etc., and you are good to go.

Start now & get your landing page within seven business days